The ultimate expression of integration

The ultimate expression of integration

SSEver since a car crash left WheelEasy’s founder, Max Burt, in a wheelchair, he has tried to continue being a fully integrated member of the human race!

When he found himself unable to walk, he quickly realised that as a member of the 1% who can’t, he would find himself unable easily to participate in many activities.

Whether that activity was taking a taxi, or travelling by aircraft, or going for a simple stroll along the beach hand in hand with his wife, or even taking his clothes off and going for a skinny dip for a good cause, it would be just a bit more difficult!

Because some wheelchair users and their companions need as much guidance and help as they can with all access issues, he started WheelEasy with his wife Justine.

And a couple of weeks ago, in just about the most cheeky example of integration, he took his kit off for a mate’s charitable skinny dip.

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