Liesl Tesch becomes our first Ambassador

WheelEasy is absolutely delighted to announce that Liesl Tesch AM has become our first Ambassador. She will be the first of several appointments that we plan over the next few months to help WheelEasy create a real impact. Our Ambassadors will help to raise awareness of the work of WheelEasy, as well as champion various [...]

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Riana Head-Toussaint: WheelEasy’s second ambassador

Riana Head-Toussaint is WheelEasy's second ambassador. Riana has grown up with a disability. She sustained her paraplegia in a car accident when she was a baby.  She attained a Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2015, and is now in the process of completing her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. [...]

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Local press to spread the word

We are using the power of local media to get the word out about WheelEasy. Our intention is to encourage wheelchair users throughout Australia to add their own information about what is and what isn't accessible to them. This information will be invaluable to other wheelchair users and those with them, and will go some [...]

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Radio coverage

Here's one of our first pieces of publicity following our launch; a radio interview that the founder of WheelEasy, Max Burt, did on 2UE radio earlier this month on 10 November 2016. It featured on Travel Lifestyle with Tim Webster.

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The Ian Potter Foundation

WheelEasy is absolutely thrilled to announce that it has received a substantial grant from The Ian Potter Foundation for the development of this website. The Ian Potter Foundation is one of Australia’s major philanthropic foundations. It makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations working to benefit the community across a wide range of sectors including [...]

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The ultimate expression of integration

Ever since a car crash left WheelEasy’s founder, Max Burt, in a wheelchair, he has tried to continue being a fully integrated member of the human race! When he found himself unable to walk, he quickly realised that as a member of the 1% who can’t, he would find himself unable easily to participate in [...]

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Mirvac’s support begins

WheelEasy’s first Major Supporter is the property company Mirvac (see more First cheque handoveron Mirvac in Major Supporters). Their funding has provided essential support in enabling us to create our first “product”; the Access Information Website. Here is Dave Haller, Operations Manager, handing over Mirvac’s first cheque in February (after a very successful fundraising Golf [...]

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The 1% Club

A statistic that often surprises is that, according to most census surveys in developed countries, over 1% of the population is a wheelchair user. I don't know about you but I most certainly never see, out of every 100 people that pass by every day, 1 using a wheelchair! The reason you never see that is because most wheelchair [...]

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