Riana Head-Toussaint: WheelEasy’s second ambassador

Riana Head-Toussaint: WheelEasy’s second ambassador

Riana Head-Toussaint is WheelEasy’s second ambassador. Riana has grown up with a disability. She sustained her paraplegia in a car accident when she was a baby.  She attained a Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2015, and is now in the process of completing her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. She is passionate about disability rights and ensuring equal access for all, and cites this as one of the main reasons for her involvement with WheelEasy.

“Throughout my whole life, I’ve had an amazing support network of family and friends who have always been happy to help me to participate in leisure activities where needed. However, not everyone is so lucky, and ideally we shouldn’t have to ask for help – the facilities should be there to ensure that we can participate as fully as possible in an independent manner. People with disabilities should be afforded equal access to leisure activities, like able-bodied people. WheelEasy is helping to facilitate that, through its many resources, and that’s why I’m so excited to be one of their ambassadors!”

Aside from law, Riana’s other great love is acting; which she does as often as she can. She also enjoys swimming, singing and watching too much TV.

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